Card image cap
© Dan Mirica
Street Art
Street Art is gaining more and more recognition in the formal art space. Submit your best ones.

Contest ended 2022-01-16
Card image cap
© Jacqueline Hammer
Food photography
Snapping a photograph of your food is a trending style but quite hard to do well.

Contest ended 2022-01-02
Card image cap
© Andreas Agazzi
Traffic photography needs to capture more emotion and meaning than aesthetics.

Contest ended 2021-12-19
Card image cap
© Gilbert Claes
Flowers are symbol for life. Show your most beautiful shots

Contest ended 2021-12-05
Card image cap
© Stefan Eisele
Tunnel vision
Tunnels being dimly lit pose a special challenge for photoghraphers aiming for a good shot.

Contest ended 2021-11-21
Card image cap
© Jacqueline Hammer
Low key photography
Low key photography can convey lots of drama in all categories. Show and submit your best.

Contest ended 2021-11-07
Card image cap
© Juan Pablo deMiguel
Windows are a physical barrier against the elements, but also are portals into another world.

Contest ended 2021-10-25
Card image cap
© Bruno Flour
Cycling photography
Cycling photography is undoubtedly a challenging genre because of the super-fast movements.

Contest ended 2021-10-11
Card image cap
© Rolf Endermann
Why are we obsessed by squares? Why must everything have corners and neat, clean angles?

Contest ended 2021-09-27
Card image cap
© margit lisa roeder
Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so goes our ideas about humour

Contest ended 2021-09-13
Card image cap
© Marc Apers
High key photography
High key photographs mostly are light and have a feel-good mood to them. Please share yours.

Contest ended 2021-08-30
Card image cap
© Ales Komovec
Road shots
Nothing captures the magic of the open road better than... well, the open road! Send in your best.

Contest ended 2021-08-16
Card image cap
© Jose Antonio Parejo
The golden hour
The golden hour is the short and soft daytime light after sunrise or before sunset.

Contest ended 2021-08-02
Card image cap
© Dimitar Lazarov - Dim
Fruit & vegetables
Fruit & vegetables are most interesting subjects in food photograpy. Send in your best.

Contest ended 2021-07-19
Card image cap
© Adirek M
Candle light
Candlelight presents its own photographic challenges. Do you have some, please share them.

Contest ended 2021-07-05
Card image cap
© Sebastien DEL GROSSO
Conceptual Art
Conceptual art is basically creating images that illustrate ideas. Send in yours or give it a try !

Contest ended 2021-06-21
Card image cap
© Bill Devlin
The wind itself is almost impossible to photograph but its effects aren't. Try to visualize 'the wind'.

Contest ended 2021-06-07
Card image cap
© David H Yang
Straight lines and soft textures make feathers great subjects. Send in your best.

Contest ended 2021-05-24
Card image cap
© Haruyo Sakamoto
Umbrellas are for more than just rainy days. Use them as a prop and share your best shots.

Contest ended 2021-05-10
Card image cap
© Ales Komovec
From cat walks to the Golden Gate, bridges are great photographic subjects. Show your best ...

Contest ended 2021-04-26
Card image cap
© Magda Berny
Springtime is the land awakening, is when you feel like whistling. Capture its gloriousarrival !

Contest ended 2021-04-12
Card image cap
© John Fan
Creeks, rivers and streams
Creeks, rivers and streams make a wonderful subject for photographers. Share your best images.

Contest ended 2021-03-29
Card image cap
© Josefina Melo
Eyes that Speak
Worlds change when eyes meet. They tell more than words could ever say. Show your best.

Contest ended 2021-03-14
Card image cap
© Max Rive
Majestic Mountains
The last evidence of majestic artifacts of nature are mountains. Submit your most stunning shots.

Contest ended 2021-02-28
Card image cap
There is something special about staircase photography. Share your very best.

Contest ended 2021-02-14
Card image cap
© Pavol Stranak
Cars in the spotlights
Cars are beloved machines. Submit your most original shots.

Contest ended 2021-01-31
Card image cap
© Larry Deng
Waterfalls are one of nature's wonders for landscape photography. Send in your very best.

Contest ended 2021-01-17
Card image cap
© kenp
Retro style
Submit your best images expressing retro vibes and feel.

Contest ended 2021-01-03
Card image cap
© Christophe Verot
Minimalistic approach in still life photography
Less is more ... Show your best minimal still life photographs.

Contest ended 2020-12-20
Card image cap
© Jason L. Stephens
Do you have lightning strike shots? Please share them here.

Contest ended 2020-12-06
Card image cap
© margit lisa roeder
Geometric Patterns
Submit your best geometric visions of the world around you.

Contest ended 2020-11-22
Card image cap
© aRRO
Let's go on a virtual tour to admire doors all over the world and share your very best ones.

Contest ended 2020-11-08
Card image cap
© Vlad Sokolovsky
Harvest Photography
Autumn offers unique opportunities to capture memorable harvest shots. Submit your best.

Contest ended 2020-10-25
Card image cap
© Rachelle Foucachon
Happy feet
Feet can be very expressive and convey emotion. Let's focus on them and send in your best.

Contest ended 2020-10-12
Card image cap
© András Schafer
Negative Space in Photography
Negative space is the area between and around the subjects. Use it to enhance your subjects..

Contest ended 2020-09-28
Card image cap
© Timo Lehto
Photograph your pets or any domesticated animal and share your very best.

Contest ended 2020-09-14
Card image cap
© Inge Schuster
Share your very best photos of balconies around the world.

Contest ended 2020-08-31
Card image cap
© John Wilhelm
Every season has opportunities, but summer is full of possibilities. Show your best summer shots

Contest ended 2020-08-17
Card image cap
© annascigaj
Siblings have a unique unbreakable bond. Document their special relationship with your best shots.

Contest ended 2020-08-03
Card image cap
© Adrian Vrican
Music meets Photography
Music and photography share a lot of similarities in many ways. Submit your best musical images.

Contest ended 2020-07-20
Card image cap
© Matjaz Cater
Fog can make scenes feel mysterious and uniquely moody. If you have some, share them...

Contest ended 2020-07-06
Card image cap
© Juan Pablo de Miguel
Rooftop Photography
Share with us your views from the top by uploading your best roof shots.

Contest ended 2020-06-22
Card image cap
© Vincent Croce
Vanishing point
Using a vanishing point can result in strong photographic compositions. Submit your best...

Contest ended 2020-06-08
Card image cap
© Christian Lindsten
Shooting against the Sun
Photographing against the sun can be tricky but also is rewarding. Send in your most amazing images.

Contest ended 2020-05-25
Card image cap
© qiye赣州柒爺
The moon as background subject
The moon is one of nature's wonders. Show us your best shots including our natural satellite.

Contest ended 2020-05-11
Card image cap
© rainer inderst
Industrial sites are full of photographic opportunities. Share your best shots...

Contest ended 2020-04-27
Card image cap
© Ben Goossens
Fear that we experience or fear that is put on display... Just show your best images!

Contest ended 2020-04-13
Card image cap
© sarawut intarob
Sometimes joy happens unexpectedly. Bring that emotion out with your most expressive images.

Contest ended 2020-03-30
Card image cap
© Martin Fleckenstein
Symmetry brings aesthetically pleasing balance and proportion in a phtograph. Send in your best!

Contest ended 2020-03-15
Card image cap
© Ivan Pedretti
Space Photography
Space has wonderful mysteries like nebulas,stars, milky ways, Aurora Borealis. Uncover them...

Contest ended 2020-03-01
Card image cap
© Sebestyen Bela
Winter offers us many opportunities to capture unique images. Submit your very best ones

Contest ended 2020-02-16
Card image cap
© Huib Limberg
One smile a day keeps the doctor away
Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. Makes us happy with your best smile captures

Contest ended 2020-02-02
Card image cap
© Victoria Ivanova
Look for pairs or opposite subjects to give us wonderful visual contrasts

Contest ended 2020-01-19
Card image cap
Urban geometry
Submit your most captivating and incredible photos based on urban geometry

Contest ended 2020-01-05
Card image cap
© Conny van Kordelaar
Boys, boys, boys
Little boys, teenage boys, young men ... Let them be boys in your submissions

Contest ended 2019-12-22
Card image cap
© KT Allen
Girls, girls, girls
Little girls, teenage girls, young women ... Let them all shine in your submissions

Contest ended 2019-12-08
Card image cap
© Aryana Golchin
Autumn is the season of photography
Fall is upon us. Time to take advantage of it and submit your most colourful autumn shots.

Contest ended 2019-11-24
Card image cap
© Hua Zhu
Photographing fireworks is challenging but worthwhile experience. Submit your best ones ...

Contest ended 2019-11-10
Card image cap
© Adrian Donoghue
Take advantage of rainy days and submit your best photographs.

Contest ended 2019-10-27
Card image cap
© Xavier Ortega
Horses require a different approach when photographed. Show us your very best horse shots.

Contest ended 2019-10-14
Card image cap
© David Martín Castán
City Skylines
Submit your most glamourous and inspiring city skylines

Contest ended 2019-09-30
Card image cap
© Mirjam Delrue
Nothing is more powerful than the stories told by a person's hands. Submit your best photographs.

Contest ended 2019-09-16
Card image cap
© Santiago Pascual Buyé
Show us your best photographs with amazing cloudy skies.

Contest ended 2019-09-02
Card image cap
© Antonio Prado Pérez
Rainbows are such a treat for photographers. Show us your most succesful shots.

Contest ended 2019-08-19
Card image cap
© Marcel Rebro
The soul of the city at night
Send in your very best city night shots.

Contest ended 2019-08-05
Card image cap
© Jacqueline Hammer
Circles in daily life or as a pattern. Show us your best 'circle' photographs

Contest ended 2019-07-22
Card image cap
© Uschi Hermann
Straight out of the camera shots (SOOC)
No photographic technology, no Photoshop and alike except for darkroom methods.

Contest ended 2019-07-08
Card image cap
© Elena Gromova
Tears of joy or sadness, show us your very best.

Contest ended 2019-06-24
Card image cap
© Ina Dabi
Shores and beaches
Take us on a journey to the most beautiful and dreamlike shores you have.

Contest ended 2019-06-10
Card image cap
© Thomas Ljungberg
Sleeping beauties
Let us see your best images of sleeping people or animals.

Contest ended 2019-05-27
Card image cap
© Heidi Westum
Oil in water
Oil and water can give incredible painterly images. Show us your very best ones.

Contest ended 2019-05-13
Card image cap
© Yusri Harisandi
Do you have beautiful frog shots, please share your best ones with us.

Contest ended 2019-04-29
Card image cap
© Aydin Aksoy
Show us your best images in all genres where BLUE is the dominant colour.

Contest ended 2019-04-15
Card image cap
© Patrick Foto
Show us your best images in all genres where GREEN is the dominant colour.

Contest ended 2019-04-01
Card image cap
© declan mccormack
Show us your best images in all genres where YELLOW is the dominant colour.

Contest ended 2019-03-18
Card image cap
© sulaiman almawash
Show us your best images in all genres where RED is the dominant colour.

Contest ended 2019-03-04
Card image cap
© Iacob Anca
For Children
We all take photos of kids, but it can be difficult to get that perfect shot. Submit your very best children photographs.

Contest ended 2019-02-18
Card image cap
© Franz Schumacher
Storms are a wonder to behold. Submit your most powerful storm outbursts.

Contest ended 2019-02-04
Card image cap
© Tihomir Lazarov
Show us your best photoslooking like if they were from another age

Contest ended 2019-01-21
Card image cap
© Riccardo Lucidi
Cats and Dogs
Let see your best shots from cats and dogs.

Contest ended 2019-01-07
Card image cap
© John Wilhelm
When the World rings in 2019
Let us see your best images from how you toasted to the beginning of 2019.

Contest ended 2018-12-24
Card image cap
© nicodemo
Send in your very best shots from the Eternal City: Rome

Contest ended 2018-12-10
Card image cap
© John Fan
Starry Skies
Show us your magical starry sky captures

Contest ended 2018-11-26
Card image cap
© Heike Willers
Let us see your most appealing graffiti shots from simple words to elaborate wall paintings

Contest ended 2018-11-12
Card image cap
© Christophe Kiciak
Send in your most beautiful shots from Paris motifs.

Contest ended 2018-10-28
Card image cap
© Clemens Geiger
Eiffel Tower
Let see your best photographs of the world famous Eiffel Tower

Contest ended 2018-10-15
Card image cap
© Rikard Olsson
Your best photographs of the most beautiful and ephemeric insects: the butterfly

Contest ended 2018-10-01
Card image cap
© Carmine Chiriaco'
Double exposure
Enter your best photos combining two exposures in a single frame

Contest ended 2018-09-17
Card image cap
© Bess Hamiti
Show us your very best shots of Dandelions: the small centerpiece of nature

Contest ended 2018-09-03
Card image cap
© Victoria Ivanova
Submit your photos showing the extravagant beauty of feathers

Contest ended 2018-08-20
Card image cap
© Christophe Kiciak
Happy Holidays
Submit your best and most cheerful holiday images.

Contest ended 2018-01-01
Card image cap
© Yan Zhang
National Parks
Submit your best photos of National Parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone or Grand Canyon

Contest ended 2017-12-04
Card image cap
© Yi Liang
Classic NYC
Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, yellow cabs...

Contest ended 2017-12-01
Card image cap
© Vinaya Mohan
The big 5
Your best photos of lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos and leopards.

Contest ended 2017-11-20
Card image cap
© Secundino Losada
Herbs, spices, dishes, interior photos of kitchens.

Contest ended 2017-11-13
Card image cap
© Audun Wigen
Nature Rocks
The wonder and beauty of nature has always fascinated us.

Contest ended 2017-09-22
Card image cap
© Mazin alrasheed alzain
Pastel color
Pastels or pastel colors are the family of colors which, when described in the HSV color space, have high value and low to intermediate saturation.

Contest ended 2017-08-17
Card image cap
© Eddy Verloes
This island holds a fusion of cultural and visual expressions.

Contest ended 2017-07-31
Card image cap
© Nadav Jonas
One way of bringing calm into your home is through imagery like that of zen and spa.

Contest ended 2017-07-21
Card image cap
© Patrick Foto
Green Leaves
A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem.

Contest ended 2017-07-17
Card image cap
© Renate Reichert
The organic and nature-mimicking architectural style of Jugent/Art Nouveau is very often a play with soft and hard elements.

Contest ended 2017-07-14
Card image cap
© Insan Kamil
The East is, of course depending on perspective, the heart of heat, rythm and amazing colours.

Contest ended 2017-07-07
Card image cap
© Jacob Tuinenga
High Key
High-key lighting is a style of lighting for photography that aims to reduce the lighting ratio present in the scene.

Contest ended 2017-06-30
Card image cap
© DELETED_3486
Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms.

Contest ended 2017-06-23