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Stéphane PecqueuxFrance54950pJoined 2014
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Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Stéphane has this wonderful ability to capture a sense of serenity and calm and mood in his scenes. The feeling of space and atmosphere enhances the scenes of everyday life portrayed. I get the sense of being able to take the time and breathe in and just enjoy each scene on its own.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I like your photos very much
They show the life like it is without dramatizing or improving in appearance.
I like this view of the things of the life very much. I can only say, further in such a way, Changing please your style, does not leave to your slope to the naturalness further free run. I am glad yours work on looking and on diving into it.
Continue in such a way, I am already glad about the nöchsten photos of you.
Greeting Uwe
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
There are many aspects that would suffice to endorse Stéphane. Always he displays an emphathic view and perception of the wonderful motives he shows. The landscape is great and wide, is kind and friendly, never harsh or dominating the feeling, yet filling with gentle light and color, scene and life the happy spirit watching them. Accordingly this holds true also for all other motives of precious little worlds of their own.
It is always a pleasure to experience Stéphane's dear world shown so tenderly.
Best success and progress, Stéphane, in all your inspiring view and presentation of your world.