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Justin highetUnited States325pJoined 2011

This is a small collection of my work. I am a freelance photographer who focuses mostly on landscape and band photography. About 5 years ago is when I started my journeys in the photography world. Since then I have dablled in Live performance, landscape, portrait and night photography. Which includes a little bit of light grafitti and long exposures. I've traveled around new england and found a few older film cameras which i will also be using. To sum it up, I really want to create a personal experience for people. I want people to feel like they were right there at that moment when the photo was taken. Pictures are made to get lost in, to let your mind wander and I hope to achieve that! Please take some time to look through them and leave a few comments. I am very open to and welcome constructive criticism. Always looking to improve.

As I build my portfolio here i welcome you to search my photography page on Facebook:  Nocturnal Resonance Photography. Again any incite is welcome.

Thank you and I look forward to growing in the photography world with you all.

Take care