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Petar SabolCroatiaPRO107283pJoined 2013

Petar Sabol „Sharpeye“ was born in 1981 in town Čakovec, Republic of Croatia, Europe. He started his photography work in 2007. In the same year he joined the Photo Club Čakovec and became its active member. From the very beginning of his photographic work he was fascinated with nature and its beauty, especially in the area of macro photography. In addition he professionally photographed events (weddings, various celebrations and public events).

His photographic images display and evoke moments in the life of nature that most people find difficult or almost impossible to see in reality because of constant and increasing human alienation from nature. Thanks to devoted and very systematic work, he captures incredible shots in which the main compositional ingredient is beautiful natural light. By idealizing beauty of nature, he stands on his solid positive attitude towards the beauty and wonders of nature.

Since the beginning of  2012 to date, he has participated in many international exhibitions of artistic photography under high patronage of  FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) for 343 times. He has won 415 times (209 medals and 206 honorable mentions for  113  different art works) in more than 30 countries and was 5 times best author of  international salon awarded with FIAP blue badge. He also participated in international exhibitions under the patronage of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) where he is also rewarded many times. He has been awarded in other specialized photographic competitions around the world. The total number of awards is more than 500.

 He holds honorary photographic titles EFIAP/platinum and EPSA.

His famous photo "Natural abstract" has been awarded with the FIAP gold medal in the macro category at the 7th Emirates Photography Competition in the United Arab Emirates 2012/116 and permanently stored at the National Library in Paris. This photo was among the top 10 on the Sony World  Photography Awards 2012. At that competition (SWPA) he was the winner in the category of  National Award 2016 with photo 'Kingfisher in action', where he was also placed in the top 50 with another of his photo. He repeated same success second year in row where he won first place with his photo 'Swirl'. In 2018. He made it hat-trick and won for third consecutive time the National Award and placed his photo 'Beeaters' in top 10 again in wildlife catwegory.

 On he won the first prize in the category of macro with photograph “Only love matters” in 2014. Five years in a row, he was awarded on the American National Insect Salon under the patronage of the PSA. He is a winner of the gold medal for the best PSA author of salon twice. He won the first and second prize in 2014 at the National Insect Week in England, which is held biennially. In less than four years, Petar Sabol became the most awarded Croatian photographer. His work has been published in many journals (Mirror, Telegraph, The Sun, The Dailymail, Meridians).

He won second prize in wildlife category at Siena International Photography Awards, the crystal Pangea trophy.

He won the 1st prize at 1x Photo Awards 2015 in Sweden with his photo ‘The kingfisher’ where judge was Kim Hubbard, the National Geographic editor. 

In March 2017. he won second place an HIPA (Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award) in open color category at 6th season 'The Challenge' in Dubai with his photo ‘Dragonfly in bokeh delirium’.

He won 'Highly commended' award at  9th IGPOTY ( International Garden Photographer Of The Year)  Macro Art and 2nd place at 11th IGPOTY in Wildlife in the garden as well as 1st place at 12th IGPOTY in Macro Art category.

In January 2018. he was invited to China, Guangzhou, where he became IUP (International Union of Photographers)  country  representative of Croatia. At their 5th anniversary circuit exhibition he won 5 medals and 7 honorable mentions and was awarded with trophy for achievement in photography.

In May 2018. he was awarded with most prestigious Croatian photographic award 'Tošo Dabac' by photo club Zagreb and so far the youngest ever who received this award.

In September 2018. in China he was awarded with certificate of honor and  became ambassador of International Cultural and Photographic Exchange at Guangxi International Photography Exhibition.

In October 2018. he won 1st place at EEA ( European Environment Agency) Waterpix competition with is photo 'The kingfisher'.

In November 2018. he was invited in Sharjah, UAE as 2nd place winner at XPOSURE 2018, in macro categorry with his photo 'Robberfly'.

So far he held six solo exhibitions. At the end of 2014 in Zagreb presented his first solo exhibition Butterflies. The second solo exhibition Kingfisher held in April 2016 in Negova in Slovenia under the high patronage of FIAP, in one of six world-renowned exhibition centers of FIAP. The third solo exhibition Kingfisher presented in Bor, Serbia, early October 2016. Fourth solo exhibition ‘Creative macrophotography’ was held in Karlovac city, in aquarium Institute Aquatika, September 2017. Fifth solo exhibition 'Landscapes' was held in May 2018. in photo club Zagreb as part of award ceremony. Sixth solo exhibition ‘Creative macrophotography’ was held in Split, Croatia in August 2018.  Seventh solo exhibition ‘Creative macrophotography’ was held in Pula, Croatia, in December 2018.

He became a member of ULUPUH in February 2018. ( Croatian Association of Artist of Applied Arts). He is a member of the jury in international exhibitions and photographic competitions and Sony ambassador of Croatia.