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Serge MionSwitzerlandPRO36708pJoined 2018
My vision with digital photography is that you use photography as a first step to achieve your vision of the moment, and use the lights, colors, movements, volumes, shadows of the picture to create your final print in post-processing. Many people tell me that some of my photos do not look realistic, but that is when photography becomes “Fine Art Photography” a mixture of photography and art. Black and white photography, long exposure, time-lapse, light painting, and all other techniques we use do not show the world how we see it every day (Realistically), but we use it to show our vision of the place and moment we capture. We should never forget that we do not see the object itself, we only see the light reflecting from it, and that a picture is never complete until you print it. Touching the final print reveals the soul of your “Fine Art Photography” and it is not completed until then.
Serge Mion
Amateur photographer from Switzerland (Bulle) 
Awards and recognition:
SPC Photo Awards Geneva 2019 Honorable Mention Art Contemporary Room
" City" July 2018 NOMINEE "Architecture Photography" in the 5th edition of Fine Art Photography 2018 / 2019 Awards ND photography awards
Neutral Density Photography Awards 2019 with Honorable Mention in Architecture: Buildings Category Two-time NOMINEE "Architecture Photography"
in the 6th edition of Fine Art Photography 2019 / 2020 Currently Official Curator on May 2020 Featured in the upcoming New This Week Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage, Monivisions Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention in Series Architecture
To buy my pictures, go to the following site: