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Adam DAuriaGermanyPRO175050pJoined 2015
Any Color As Long As It's Black: People in the Streets, Landscapes in the Mist, Architecture from Below.    Based in Wuppertal, Germany, I will take a photo of anything that looks beautiful enough to me. It's espacially landscapes, trees and old sheds that i feel attracted to. Dark and gloomy it has to be. Recently i have added Monographic Architecture to my Portfolio. Also i do a lot of street photography and in rare occasions, portraits. You are welcome to see my full portfolio at    Main Gear: Olympus PEN-F + 17mm MFT Prime A7III + 28mm FF Prime REALME XT

Favourite Styles:
Dark Moods

Born in 1979 in Wodzislaw Slaski in Poland
Living in Wuppertal, Germany since 1988
Started Photography in 2012

Exhibitions, Achievements and Links:


März 2020 - Exhibition Katzengold Wuppertal

Oktober 2019 - Ausstellung City Arkaden Wuppertal

CityARTkaden: Adam Wallach im Kurzporträt

Oktober 2019 - Feature bei 1x - "The Art Of Freezing Melancholic Moments"

September 2017 - Feature in der Westdeutschen Zeitiung Rubrik "Ansichtssachen"

8-facher Gewinner Computerbase-Fotowettbewerb

Oktober 2015 - Ausstellung City Arkaden Wuppertal