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Peter Svoboda MQEPHead curatorSlovakiaCREW658446pJoined 2010
Endorse Peter
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Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Peter is a strong landscape photographer, mastering the light and tone handling in a great way. Especially his B/W landscapes excell in this pure light and tones play. He proves also that landscape compositions have not to be complex to be strong.
But I also would like to endorse Peter for his commitment to the site. Especially the great work he is doing for the B/W group in the forum and managing the discussions there
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I endorse Peter, because his landscape pictures are one the best i have seen , always full of mood. He doesn't upload a lot, but those uploaded are sublime. Has Peter an artistic education I feel good working with him as curator:-)
He is open for many styles and I value his his opinion.
Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
a pleasure to be able to endorse you Peter.
first of all for your photography. I guess most people would tell you are a BW photographers … but I feel it's too narrow for your work. Indeed, be see mostly BW from you. But your images end up in BW, but start from such good quality, vision, technical approach, knowledge, it is much more than BW photography.

Besides you photographic artistic vision and skills I want also to thank you for being the human person you are. Always helpful, always constructive, always making time for others, always helping starting photographers to feel good about their talent, and pushing them to grow and continue.
As a moderator you do a terrific job, very important for the community.
I hope ever to be able to meet you in real life !
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
It is indeed a pleasure to write an endorsement for your work here on lx, and you amazing skills at b/w photography.

First for the photography skills - Your long history with this art really shines through the photos you create. You have mastered tones, and composition in a way which is not just correct - (many can do that)...but your work always has an artistic flavor.

In getting to know you I have also come to realize that your photography reflects your personality - it is mindful, calm, and serene. You have amazing patience with your pictures, and this comes through also when you interact with people.

You have done a brilliant job in facilitating the b/w group here, and have put in so many hours of your own time. You take the time to validate people by commenting on their photos, and your reward is that they keep coming back.

When I see you helping others I cannot help but remember the stories you told me about your own father helping you. Now you are passing that on, in service to others. For sure if circumstances were different you and your family would be on my 'must meet' list.

You have been a great help to me over the last months Peter and for all of your care and patience, I say thank you for your kindness. I only hope I have been of some service to you or can be in the future.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I like to endorse Peter with pleasure and for many more reasons than only as a curator. I was very pleased to read the announcement that he is now an official curator. The best choice possible to join the team !!!
Besides this, I also like to tell how much I love his work, his splendid monochrome mountain shots and landscape photography which make us experience an unique world.
Peter was one of the first members which who I had immediatly warm and good contacts with. He has a friendly and inspiring personality. He always has a good word to stimulate everybody.
I'm not an expert in writing down my feelings but truly hope to have expressed my admiration and profound friendship for Peter.
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Big's expertise not only in a black-and-white photography, eye for perfection in landscape photography, Peter will highlight further for BaW group moderator work - his attitude towards people. .

great admiration for Peter, and thanks for all. .
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Peter has passed a long creative way. His photographs of landscapes have a soul and feel of them serious approach and that are made with the heart. In addition, his critique and comment on photos is real and very beneficial for every photographer.
BJ Yang  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I highly suggest 1X can offer more than one endorsement reason.

I would like to endorse Peter a great skilled photographer whose pictures are breathtaking, meanwhile a great curator who helps other without reservations and reach the points precisely, a good leader for the group which people learn from each other and improve together, a nice person, last but not the least, humble and patient, another good man here in 1X.

I am sure I will find more about Peter as time goes by. Note the above for the time being, I am still fresh here. "I will be back!" :))))))
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Peter you are a great artist with a very creative mind. You have a unique style which gives all your work another dimension. Besides your skills as a photographer you are a very good man, you always have something nice to say about others work.I appreciate it immensely from you we may have among their friends
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Peter is doing a wonderful job with the Black and White group. I appreciate his efforts in keeping it active and going. Without his effort that group would be as dead as some other groups on this site.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Hello Peter
Thank you for your exceptional good support falling on the curate process - as you've already noted, I have added your ideas to my panorama implement on B / W.
The image has really gained a lot and was also positively evaluated - but not published.
The publications Process is something incomprehensible for me.
Again many thanks - your pictures I like very much - we have the same hobbies.
All the Best
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Peter is an excellent moderator. His comments and suggestions as head of the Black and White group, are always stimulating, respectful and constructive, revealing his experience as a photographer and his quality as fellow member.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Peter Svoboda ... not a lot of smart ass :) I'm glad I found your gallery now're among my best photographers I've ever seen .. I'm very inspired by your work every photograph is interesting in its own way I have the feeling that I could only stare at her hours.Frano
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hello Peter
Thank you for the countless inspiring and impressive images. Your photographs are not only technically perfect, but impress especially with their moods, their expressive power and soul. The images are not only beautiful to look at, but a touch my heart too very often.
Thanks again, David
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like to endorse peter. All Photos of peter are impressive and beautiful. Each photo is designed with great sense of professionalism. Well Done. him photos deserve publications here or elsewhere. We can say that peter has learned the art of photography.
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
Hello Mr. Peter
I love your work so much, especially for landscapes! Inspirational black and white very special! You have a unique style of nature photography and a unique vision, not only in nature photography! But being a wonderful and very inspiring photographer!
You have great and very inspiring works
Thanks for being a crew at 1x!
All the best