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Peter Svoboda MQEPHead curatorSlovakiaCREW658446pJoined 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Peter Svoboda, Master QEP titleholder,  a photographer,  an international photography competitions' judge and curator,  a member of FEP ( Federation of European Professional Photographers) and APFSR( Association of Slovak Professional Photographers)
I was born and live in a beautiful historical city of Kosice, Slovakia. I graduated from Medical University. Since my youth age I was interested in art, in its various genres.  Many years ago was studying also at art school where we focused on drawing and painting. I loved especially to paint oils on canvas. Besides that, I started to discover the magic of the darkroom and started to shoot on BW film and transparent. Later on, I 've been taking pictures on digital. I soon realized that photography will be that wonderful and exciting journey for me. I am an outdoor type of person and I am spending most of my leisure activities in nature. Especially mountain biking, running, hiking and ski mountaineering.   Since a teenager I have taken photographs, starting with capture on transparency at first, using B&W films and more recently enjoying digital capture for its benefits.  I consider myself as a landscape photographer, searching for those special moments and mood. My relationship to nature and mountains stands behind most of my photographs, spending there a lot of time with my camera. I love to compose the man into the frame to emphasize the human respect to nature and mountains and to show how small here we are. I love minimalism in photography. I often try to compose my shots this way. My intention is to get not a complex, just easy to read, atmospheric and impressive pictures. Those are the shots I am satisfied with. Such a picture with a mood or story has a value for me at any time I take it. You can see more of my work here:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Awards (the most recent):                                                                                                                            Title Winner Rank #1 in the prestigeous World's TOP 10 Black & White  photographers 2020 with 14 Glod Medals at the same competition,  Sony World Photography Awards 2021- the National Awad Winner 2021,   Paris Photo price PX3 2020- 1x Gold (Nature-Water) and 2x Bronze  in Nature(professional)                                                                                                    Sony World Photography Awards 2020 - Shortlisted in the Motion category.  Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 4x GOLD, 4x Silver, 4x Bronze. Gold in Fine Art Landscape, Book -Nature, Editorial Sports and Advertising-Travel/tourism category.  Gold and 2x Silver in Paris, PX3 2019(Prix de la photographie Paris), Gold -Nature/sky, Silver Book(Nature, Silver Fine Art/other. Gold medal in Tierenberg Super Circuit 2019, special themes,    Epson International Pano Awards 2019 - Gold Award, 2x Silver and 6x Bronze Awards.    Budapest International Foto Awards 2019-  2x Gold(Gold in FIne Art Landscape), 2x Silver, 2x Bronze      Tokyo int.Foto Awards 2019- silver in Editorial-sports.                                     EUROPEAN GOLDEN LANDSCAPE CAMERA 2018 winner  and  EUROPEAN GOLDEN SPORTS  CAMERA 2018 winner ( Federation of European professional photographers).  Tokyo Internatonal Foto Awards 2018- Gold in Fine Art Landscape professional category, Gold in the Book and Gold in Advertising-Travel-tourism, Silver and 3x Bronze in Nature Landscapes.  International Photography Awrds 2018, professional-  Gold in Landscape panoramic, Silver (environmental),  Bronze in Fine Art Landscape.  Black&White Spider awards 2018-  1-st plce in Nature and 3-rd in Sports category. International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018- 3rd place title winner.  Paris' prix de la Photographie- PX3  2018- Gold in Fine art Landscapes (professional), 2x Silver in Nature Landscapes and 3x Bronze in Fine art Landscape and Nature Landscape.  Gold medal in Moscow international Foto Awards 2018, professional Nature-Panoramic category, Bronze in Aerial cet.  World's TOP 10 Landscape Photographers 2018- Title winnwe Rank 3.    Reaching the MASTER QEP title- the highest degree for European Professional Photographers awarded by FEP jury at Falmouth Photography institute, UK., July 2017 Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018:  FiRST place in NATURE category, and First place in Book cat., overall 9 Gold Medals, Silver and 2xBronze Moscow International Foto Awards 2018- Gold in Nature-Panoramic category, Bronze in Aerial.                                                                EUROPEAN GOLDEN LANDSCAPE CAMERA 2017 WINNER 
Gold  in overall Fine art category- Oneeyeland Awards 2017- Photographer of the year- Fine Art category winner, Gold in overall Nature category at Oneeyeland Awards 2017-  Nature category winner.  Photographer of the year-Slovakia 2017 winner in One eyeland Awards 4x Bronze Medal at the same competition( Fine art landscape, Nature landscape, sky, panoramic cat.) International Photographer of the Year 2017 - Silver madal in Nature-Landscapes category, prefessional, ax Hon.Mentions WORL's  TOP 10 LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER 2017 award, awarded at World's Top Landscape Photographers 2017,  also 6x Silver and 9x bronze medal winner.        + Country winner. NATIIONAL AWARD WINNER- first anf the third place winner at World Photography Awards 2017 NATIONAL AWARD WINNER at WorldPhotography Awards 2016, International Photography Awards 2016:  1-st place Sports: Winter sports caategory , 11 x Honorable mentions, all in Landscapes and Fine art Landcapes category Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016:   1-st place in Nature, Landscapes professional,                                                                       1- st place Editorial, Sports professional, 3x Honorable Mentions- Landscape
Moscow International Foto Awards 2016 :  1-st place Editorial sports,                                                                           2-nd place sports category, 3x honorable mentions ( 2x Fine art landscape, 1x Editorial sports)
International Photographer of the Year Awards 2016:    Second place Winner- Nature, Landscapes Professional, 4x Honorable Mentions
PRIX DE LA POTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2017 - Silver Winner in professional Book/Nature, 2x Bronze winner in professional Nature/Sky and Travel/tourism category.
PX3 - PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2016 :  Silver Winner in Landscapes category ( Professional), 3x Honorable Mentions( landscapes, fine art landscapes and sports)
PX3 2016 - Peoples choice Awards:  First lace- professional - Book, series                                                                 First place - professional- Press, Nature, Environmental
                                                                First place- professional- Press, Sports
                                                                First place-professional- Nature,Water
                                                                Second place- professional- fine art, Landscape                                                                 3rd place- professional- fine art, Landscapes
SIPA 2016 (Siena Int Photo Awards) Honorable mentions- Nature cat, 2x Remrkable Award- sports category.
International Photography Awards 2015 (iPA2015) :   2X 1-st place at International Photography awards,  1-st place ( sports category), IPA 2015: 1-st place (winter sports category), IPA 2015: 2x second place : 2-nd place ( sports cat,),2-nd place (winter sports cat.), IPA 2015 Honorable mentions ( Fine art . Landscapes ) and Honorable mentions( landscape cat.) . Best of show exhibition ( IPA),  International Photographer of the Year 2015 - 3rd place in Fine art Landscape cat., International Photographer of the Year awards 2015 - 3rd place in Open theme category, Int. Photograopher of the Year awards 2015 - 3x Honorable Mentions( fine art landscapes and wildlife). Some of my pictures were exhibited in galleries and published around the globe on internet and in well known international magazines( National Geographic).    B&W Spider Awards 2016: Honorable mentions
and more..
My photography journey has never been the same, it's always in progress. I still enjoy mainly the thought process, observation of scenery, light, waiting for the - right moment, timing and much more. I feel many times like I was a hunter who waits patiently for his opportunity to press the trigger, but doesn't hurt to Nature just saves the moments.  I am always happy if my work speaks to others, evokes emotions and can be found as an inspiration for others. Your kind visit in my gallery is much appreciated and thanks for taking your time and reading this..:) You can find more of my work here:                                                                                                                       email: [email protected] FB: https//