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Olga MestSpain328837pJoined 2012
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Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Olga has an eye of art, she have a great concept every her works, painful symbolic language, great light for portrait, Olga has a great porto too, nice to meet Olga in here, I'm enjoyed her works.. Warm regards always..
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
I would just in short. Endorse Olga Mest for skills in Portrait photography. Her photos are simply beautiful. Keep going and good light.
Davorin Baloh(@follow)
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Olga is using a powerful and sometimes also painful symbolic language in her works. Her characters are full of soul, feeling and expression. She is a master of showing the human and uncovering inhumanity in the concepts of her photography.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
In my opinion, a good photographer is a real man who understand humanity.
Someone who has a dark heart can not reflect the beauty of their work.
We are faced with an extraordinary artwork.
Work that is inspired by the purity of the source.
Pictures are full of feeling, Magnificent artistic expression,poetry.
When I saw these photos I knew she had a purity of spirit and kindness.

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I admire Olga for the very high standard of her photography, particularly her beautiful creation and portraits. She has great ability to capture the moment and portray the character of his subjects with wonderful sensitivity.
Greetings ,all the best Olga .