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mike kreitenHead senior criticGermanyCREW256751pJoined 2013

I don't do photography for living, but I partially live for photography. I wouldn't say it's a passion, it became rather an obsession - at least I'm addicted. Photography gives me the opportunity to never stop learning, including processing the material I bring home. And I like to share my knowledge, so the "Critique" section of became the place for me to do both, share and learn. 


There is an awesome team of critics giving advices and sharing suggestions, and I really know because they welcomed me as a team member. For me, this is a great honour and at the same time an obligation I gladly accepted. I'm trying to fill my portfolio with a little bit of everything, so you can get an impression what kind of photographer I am. When suggesting useless stuff, you can have a look why I came up with stupid ideas :-)

 I was featured with an interview in Fine Eye Magazine August 2018.

if you're interested in reading more about me and my work, it's available online:

Occasionally, I write articles as well for the 1x Magazine. Mostly technical tutorials:

Displacement mapping:

My own sharpening technique:
Artist portrait Gautier Van Lieshout:

I hope they're fun to read!