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Martin Krystynek MQEPCuratorSlovakiaCREW636159pJoined 2013
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hello Martin, just wanted to say thank you for the nice shots you've been posting lately. Sensual beauty is very good idea and so far I see excellent execution ... one more time congrats and good luck
Endorsing for skills in Fine Art Nude photography
This is typicaly the kind of work that i admire...
This serie of nudes are all perfect for me, and they are beautiful one by one, but also as a "montage" (i don't know if i am clear!).
Anyway, this is exactly why i wsh i was able to do! I can't take my eyes off those pictures!
Endorsing for skills in Fine Art Nude photography
Martin is doing an excellent job, especially on the portrait-nude photographs. They are intimate despite the exposedness of the nudity. They are sexy but at the same time incredibly elegant. The poses of the models are perfect. And the post-production just adds to the quality, it's never over the top.
Endorsing for skills in Fine Art Nude photography
Martin Krystynek is a great photographer, and I say this from different points of view.

First, Martin has a unique sensitivity to capture in my opinion, especially the feminine beauty. His nudes of strong impact and impeccable aesthetics, makes us travel through subliminal paths in his photography.

In his compositions Martin always leaves his signature, the specialty in teasers that allow the interpretive multiplicity of his photographic records.

His editing, predominantly in black and white, with care, zeal and high level of finish, crown with brilliance, true fine art works of nudity.

And the human set Martin, is a loyal and true friend with whom I have had the privilege of living in the last years, still at a distance, but for true friendships, distance is just a stubborn detail that we always win.
Endorsing for skills in Fine Art Nude photography
Enhorabuena Martin Krystynek por tu trabajo. Sensualidad, pasión y sentimiento se reflejan en cada una de tus fotos, un excelente trabajo. Fotografías llenas de sentimiento, enhorabuena por tu trabajo.
Endorsing for skills in Portrait photography
as can be clearly seen by martins' portfolio, - he captures the mood perfectly when doing portrait photography, especially when the post production takes him into the start black and white area of photography. Simply Stunning!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I admire Martin's photography work. His photos take my breath away! The power of the woman's beauty & the skill in lightening are incredible. The photos look sophisticated and fabolous. Congratulation.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Martin REALLY knows his stuff! He knows how to capture emotion like no one I have seen before. Each picture is more powerful and powerful as I look through his portfolio. I am really impressed and inspired.