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Magdalena RussockaPoland255682pJoined 2014
Romantic daydreamer, refugee from the present to the past, victorian and romanticism era lover, illustrator,  fine art and portrait photographer based in Poland.

I am 53 years old Polish, but currently I live in Ireland. I am a professional full time cleaner and photography is my hobby and great passion. I became a hobbyist photographer 3 years ago, when I got my first camera as a gift on my 50th birthday.

I could describe my style as an emotional and narrative, because I always want to express emotions in my photographs and to tell a story or send a message.

What I love in photography is the way that I can show human emotions, feelings, nostalgy, happiness and sadness. My photography is a conceptual blend of various portraiture, fine art and fairytales. The photographic fairy tale for me seduces and satisfies the desire of wonder. Nourishes the viewer's feelings of ambiguity, instability, curiosity, fear and elation. I love this, because the identity within it is not caged, the imagination is constantly changing, and the time seems not to exist.

Photography for me is also a way to show what does not exist in reality. It is an unlimited journey to the world of my imagination, to my dreamland.

Fairytales are great inspiration to my photography. I used to love fairytales when I was a child and I still do, despite being a middle aged woman. l love all that is innocent and childlike, because it is pure and is not stained by the experience of an adult.

Also a nature is a very important source of my inspiration. I love forests, foggy mountains, the wild places where man is small and powerless before the stateliness of nature. Old gardens, abandoned places, remains of historic castles and manors are pleasant obsessions of my soul. Also Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo era paintings influence my work quite a bit. 

You are very welcome to my world of photography :)