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Lawrence McEachin Jr.United States301pJoined 2015

See Your World Through A Different Set Of Eyes....



Who Am I?

Hello!  My name is Lawrence McEachin.  I am a sixteen year old photographer, living in North Carolina.  I attend an Early College program here.  I love hanging out with my family and friends, traveling, photography (of course), music, and basketball.

How Did I Get Into Photography?

My birth into the photography world is not at all glamorous or special in any way.  You could almost say it was coincidence.  One day, I just grabbed my Dad's phone and started taking pictures.  I was particularly drawn to pictures of flowers and nature.  My parents decided to invest in a camera, and I've been taking photos ever since.  Now, I just want to be able to share my photography with others.

My Photography Vision

Some people have told me that I can't legitimately call myself a photographer at such a young age, but I'm proving that wrong.  To me, photography is all about how a person sees the world around them.  As a photographer, it is my goal to make you fall in love with your world all over again, and I can do that no matter how old I am.