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KMoonFrancePRO23610pJoined 2020
The encounter between an artist (Monique Samson, interior designer and graphic designer) and a scientist (Karine Gadré, Ph.D in Astronomy of the University of Toulouse, France and landscape photographer) led to the birth of a new form of artistic expression: Digital PhotoGraphism, which is in direct line with an artistic practice called « Polaroid Art », born in the 1970s and consisting in altering the classic process of developing instant silver shots.
Similarly, Digital PhotoGraphism consists in developing digital images well beyond the now traditional derrawtization process, using image processing algorithms developed by contemporary mathematicians and physicists. This is followed by the creation of a new artistic language made up of signs, each offering a graphic reinterpretation of the real world. Hence the set of 26 graphic works divided into two collections - Contours and Color Escape.

The works designed by us and which make up the Contours collection extract from the original photograph the abundance of details that characterizes it. They highlight the constituent elements of the surrounding landscape, the possible presence of monuments, vegetation, habitats, living beings, etc.
The works from the Color Escape collection borrow from the initial photograph the richness of the colours that determine it. They combine the characteristic colours of the surrounding landscape – sky, landscape, habitat, vegetation, etc. - at the moment of the shooting, giving it an impression of movement, of evolution over time.

The photographs that gave rise to the Contours and Color Escape collections were all acquired by us from great sites in the Occitania region, southwestern France: prehistoric caves, medieval villages, castles, churches, cloisters, museums, Lauragais plain, Canal du Midi, Haute Vallée de l'Aude, Pyrénées, côte Vermeille, etc., under an appropriate angle and light. The acquisition of these photographs required extensive cartographic research, frequent hikes, both during the day and at night, in cold, dry, wet or hot weather, weighted with an imposing yet compact equipment. The processing of these shots using dedicated software (a derawtiser software) was accompanied by the writing of a text or poem leading the reader-spectator to other spaces, in other times... These space-time journeys are the primary reason for these very special shots. Further details at :
Some of these photographs were then submitted to various image processing algorithms developed by researchers at the GREYC Laboratory (ENSICAEN, University of Caen & CNRS). Initially, these s aim to improve the quality of an image - the sharpness of the contours in this case – or to extract relevant information – including color. They are frequently used in the fields of medical imaging and observational astronomy. In this context, these s, applied to a digital photograph rich in finely resolved details and colours that correspond to reality, and combined with imagination and artistic creativity, offer an accentuated and/or distorted – in any case stylised – representation of the visible world.
The scientific and technological achievements combined with a contemporary artistic approach allow PhotoGraphism to offer a renewed vision of the surrounding Nature. It thus asserts itself as a new figurative art at the frontiers of abstraction: the references and the recognizable disappear in favour of visible effects, geometric shapes, pure or abundant lines, unique or intertwined colours.
The KMoon is the name of the artistic collective that we form together.
Further details at :