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franco maffeiItalyPRO362860pJoined 2011
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Endorsing for skills in Street photography
all my appreciation for Franco, a storyteller... even in "normal" situations He find some special point of views, taking his own look of the scene with great personality.... Personally I keep inspiration from His works. congrats.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Francos work leaves me speechless, yet inspired...the ambiance is palpable. He captures the essence in scenes from people to landscape to abstract with clarity of vision and is able to present it in perfectly composed structure. One of the best here on 1x in my opinion.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Dear Franco, it is with great pleasure that I am going to write my first endorsement. Of your way of doing photography I particularly like the clean lines associated with a continuous research of expression. The result is a series of geometrically perfect photographs that always tell a story. I am particularly grateful to the club of which you are president, through attendance of which, my growth as a photographer took great strides.
See you next Monday evening.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Franco is an extraordinary man and friend. He is an amazing photographer, because he always tell me a story With his shot. I also like ThE architecture Photos shared in his gallery. He teaches me every day something about Photography...Thank you so much, Franco! Ciao Alessio.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Franco is the kind of photographer I would like to become. His pictures have that unique expressive and engaging capacity that make him envied by the most of us. The patience and thoroughness with which he knows how to wait for the right time and the correct framing are incredible. From observing his photos you can easily feel the deep knowledge of the great classics of photography, how he has been able to absorb them and change them as he sees fit. He's really an inspiration for us all, thank you Franco.