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Gilbert ClaesGroup managerBelgiumCREW1321230pJoined 2010
Endorse Gilbert
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Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
purity, harmony, balance, vision, I feel this are some of the words describing Gilberts unique images. No compromises whatever in finishing, Gilbert walks his own path, different from all others in search of the ultime.
I'm always delighted to discover you images, they always open new windows and doors.
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
Today I would like to endorse Gilbert for his skills in creating amazing abstract images, often based on architectural structures. His feeling for shapes and lines is outstanding, even complicated structures are shown with great balance.

Hope to see further great images by Gilbert in the future.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have enjoyed Gilbert's photoworks , It will have a strong character geometry line and good composition, I learned a lot of new works in this, one of the works of Gilbert, nice to meet you here, warm regards always..Good Bless You.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
Hi Gil. I have been impressed with your work. I seem extraordinary, full of great elegance and fantastic from the technical point of view. 1x must be very happy to have an artist like you !! The best for you.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Primero quiero expresar que esta confirmación hacia Gilbert es como artista en toda la extension de la palabra.
En mi sincera apreciación como espectador, observo que su obra va mas allá de una simple apreciación como "abstracción geométrica", tambien se pueden identificar códigos dentro del lenguaje visual que van mas allá de una fotografía registral/documental, adentrandose en el campo de la fotografía artística contemporánea. Enhorabuena.
First I want to express that this confirmation towards Gilbert is as an artist in all the extension of the word.
In my sincere appreciation as a spectator, I see that his work goes beyond a simple appreciation as "geometric abstraction", you can also identify codes within visual language that go beyond a documentary / documentary photography, entering the field of contemporary art photography. Congratulations.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I've been enjoying some time friendship Gilbert, their fantastic work, his gaze restless, their know-how with these incredible composiones looking like no other, and find with skill manifested. I enjoy their issues, their play with shapes and lights. And above all, friendship. I enjoy your generous comments, always friendly and exaggerated, and his careful way to animate and encourage. I invite everyone to follow, to follow their fabulous works and original way to work and to make each composition, a work of art. Gilbert is a fantastic photographer and a great person. A hug my friend.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
He consistently makes significant images with a distinctive look different from all others. His work is always of a the highest quality and is an asset to this site or any site he chooses to participate.
Alfred Forns
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I have been following Gilbert for a while now. His work is amazing, refreshing, different. He uses the camera as an artistic tool and it is a pleasure for me to endorse him.
Not only in architecture, but he masters the abstract too. A true artist.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
On first view Gilbert masters many sorts of motives, yet most impressive are his architectural images. In all his pictures he selects images that speak through their own subtle composition which invites the viewer to dive into the presence of the images with one#s own spirits. Of course, the subtle and skillful usage of toning, graphical impression, contrast and light are the skill which Gilbert masters so well to create of the subjects pure master pieces that the viewer longs for to watch over and over again.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
I'm already following Gilbert for quite a while now, also on other fora, and Gilbert keeps on posting photos of excellent quality. He has the ability to make something out of nothing. A well trained photographers eye, an eye for lines, shapes, light and dark. I like the minimalistic style and the way he can make an abstraction of the environment.
Really like your work. Keep it up Gilbert!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Hi, what what words should I find to say something new about this photographer, i´ ve just read Piet´s, Alfred´s and Melitta´s sentences and there are written literally my thoughts and admiration of the Gilbert´s gallery full of masterly artistic Works! The source of delight and inspiration! Thanks.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
C'est avec un grand plaisir que je viens écrire ces quelques mots pour toi Gil.
Qui est Gil? Un grand photographe d'architecture, un genre de photographie très complexe qui demande une grande maîtrise et beaucoup de patience. Tu fais honneur à la vision du monument, tu l'étudies soigneusement sous toutes ses coutures, tu le rends original. Tu privilégies toujours une belle lumière, une parfaite exposition pour mettre l'édifice et ses détails en valeur. Il y a beaucoup de respect de ta part pour l'architecture, c'est pour cette raison aussi que c'est toujours très beau.

Avec tout mon respect.
Endorsing for skills in Architecture photography
me parece una galeria donde se ven buenas fotografias urbanas con un estilo personal ,donde el fotografo juega mucho con la velocidad y el movimiento en este caso con las fotografias urbanas donde salen personas.

I think a good urban gallery where photographs are a personal style, where the photographer plays a lot with the speed and movement in this case urban photographs where people go.
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
because of his great ability to create awesome abstract images. I like both, patterns and light editing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ben Kars  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Het oog van een valk , klaar, precies en minutieus werk zijn niet alleen de ingredienten die de werk van Gilbert Claes zo sterk maken maar ook de keuses van zijn onderwerpen maken hem zo bijzonder ,

Proficaat Gilbert
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would have liked to endorse Gilbert for his skills as a coach ... but no such category exists. His work was an inspiration for me when I took up the camera about a year ago, his continuous production of high quality photos here an on other forums are a challenge to improve my own work. Gilbert's style is painterly, the camera is his tool to bring everyday photography to a higher more poetic dimension. As abstract group manager on this forum he stimulates so many other photographers to participate, to show their work and he comments in a stimulating way.
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
I endorse Gilbert for the simplicity and beauty in his abstract photography. It is a pleasure to see his works and his works are for me a great source of inspiration. I also endorse him for his brilliant architecture photography. And it is also something different. His work shines.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I want to endorse Gil for his outstanding architectural and abstract photographs.

He has his own very characteristic style and one can identify one of his pictures immediately when being displayed for example on the 'Popular' or the 'Latest' tab. His creativity is overwhelming and stunning. He has THE EYE to discover the details in our surrounding and environment for his ingenious minimalistic photos or the facades for his architectural photos.

Gil's photographs impressed and influenced me at most. For me, Gil is THE architecture and abstract photographer at 1x. His encouragement as a crew member and giving feedback to other 1x members is outstanding.

I thank you, Gil, from my heart, for your wonderful 'light paintings', your support and help.

Warm regards, Stefan
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
The pictures Gilbert makes always make me wonder how he got the idea of making them the way he did. I have been admiring his work for quite some time now and he keeps amazing me with the way he sees things like nobody else can see them. And with his pictures he makes me question my own work in a positive way. You can say that looking at the work of Gilbert pushes me to making better photographs.
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
Hello, Mr. Gilbert
Teacher and inspiring! Yes
Your actions are truly incredible, always very inspiring! I love your way of abstraction really unique works
Wonderful harmony between the lines and the colors .. The treatment method is very perfect and puts your entire beautiful feeling in it.
Simple architectural photography really amazes me
Always support your 1x photographers with your comments
I wish you well