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Raffaella CoreggioliItaly31038pJoined 2014

Hi, my name is Raffaella Coreggioli, better known on the photography forum as "Fioregiallo" I was born in Ferrara and currently reside in a beautiful village located between Padua and Venice.
My photographic experience begins at age 14, when it is given to me a machine similar to Kodak Instamatic, from there I went to the cameras that used film roll 135. I loved taking pictures, and I did not realize even realize I used to say the instruments little elementary, which limited me greatly in my ability and in what later became my true passion for photography.
In 2007, landing in my first digital camera, not a reflex, but a compact with zoom. I begin to do landscapes and one day I discover, in the advanced camera mode, the Super Macro function. The turning point came at this time, from there I understand that I could begin to photograph the micro world of Nature
But after a few years the compact camera begins to pick me tight and I decide that it is time for something more serious and in November 2010 I decided to buy my first SLR, with macro lens.
 The more time passes, the more I realize that I love nature photography, particularly macro photography, it becomes a real passion, in fact, along with many other Venetian friends we created a group that is found all summer weekends photographing in grassland butterflies, dragonflies and other insects.
 I got awards on various specialized sites and in August 2011 I organized my first Workshop of naturalistic Macro photography.
 With photography I learned that there is another way of seeing the world and thank you to share it with you ...
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