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Edoardo GobattoniItaly61493pJoined 2011
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Piet Flour  PRO
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Landscapes, florals, animal world, architecture, mood, BW ... all themes and styles Edoardo sings with the same charm and skill. A very volatile interest, excellent vision, and the gift for composition.
Besides those skill as photographers he found the urge to help others with excellent in-depth critics sharing his experience and knowledge in a very generous and helpful way; always in appreciation and understanding for the ideas the artist had in mind
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I'd like to take this opportunity to endorse Edoardo for his skills as a curator. Mostly, in the mornings I have the great pleasure of reading some of his curating comments. I find him to be knowledgeable about technical issues and insightful with regard to what makes an image work. He is helpful and polite and respectful of the photographers whose work he critiques; a quality I find to be of great importance in this kind of work.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I would like endorsing Edoardo for his expertise in photography, I know he is also a superb curator and was difficult to decide which category to choose, virtual tie.

For me diversity of subjects is the true measure for a complete photographer, being able to perform with different subjects, always coming up with a little "special twist" to the image. Always looking forward to your images.

Endorsing for skills as a curator
Edoardo is an excellent member curator. His participation in curation comments is extremely helpful to the community. His words are honest and respectful. He continues to display detailed and in-depth critiques that are valuable to all members who read. His knowledge of photography and artistic composition is excellent. We are privileged to learn from him. His observations and remarks are on point and continually receive awards. Thank you so much for your contributions to 1x, Edoardo.
Endorsing for skills in Landscape photography
when I notice Edoardo's Gallery I've seen many different styles, all showing his enthusiasm and passion. in this endorsement I would like to say a few words about his landscape photography. I find in his urban and rural landscapes a sense of understanding light, composition and colors. his editing vivid the image while he manage to handle the technical manners under difficult conditions, such as shooting straight trough the sun, emphasizing bokeh, play of foreground and background and much more. I wish you'll continue your passion, I promise to be there to watch! all the best.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
Edoardo is an excellent member curator and photografer!

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Edoardo is a photographer who has made a great progress in photography, there are many fields in which he showed his excellent skills, he is always ready to try new techniques and styles. I wish him success, greetings Simona.
Endorsing for skills as a curator
I would like to endorse Edoardo as a curator. I am learning a lot from the way he critiques, love the time he spends to analyze all aspects of the image, finding positive elements and encouraging the photographer to improve, in a gently, polite way.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
This is the person who truly love Photography. Edoardo has brilliant eye and amazing point of view. He knows how to invite a viewer into his world. Watching his works is a pleasure and know him is even double. I endorse him because he is worth it. I know that everyone see the same like I seen in the gallery of Edoardo. I wish You the Best friend and keep going.