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Massimo Della LattaItaly720920pJoined 2009
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Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Massimo has an excellent "taste" for unusual photographic composition and he is able to see things which would be missed by many of us. He has the great capability to be fully embedded in the situation he is looking at and to represent it thinking "out of the box". Well done Massimo!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer

The versatility with which Max expresses his passion is very incisive, insightful and valuable shots of an eye. The b / w used provides a good basic structure, often linked to these images onoriche and elusive that much affect. A path is really important, meticulous application and even better results, for these reasons Max is climbing positions and ranks among the most promising photographers 1X. Compliments.

Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Massimo hasn't yet get tired to look for personal nuances and intimacy in photographic expression. His works span from wild street to panoramas, from architecture to portraits.
Hardworking deals to high rate production, all pervaded with introspection, sensitivity, respect and wonder for humanity and craftsmanship achievements.
If I were asked to express my opinion about what pictures can best summaries Massimo's skills I would, for sure, aim at those hopeless, heartbreaking, desperate abandoned sea sides of him, with morose skies and lonely, blown, somber objects, wrapped in inconsolable melancholy.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Mr. Massimo has been one of the first Artists to comment on my lonely published photo on 1x…many years ago. From that moment we have been in contact almost everyday and we have been to take pictures together in the wonderful area of Tuscany where he lives….Massimo is a fine and polite Author. He has been able to change his style(s) in these last years and to test and follow different paths. He is able to manage colour as well as monochrome without loosing contact with his main blueprint: to give speech and soul to his works…To Astonish observers. For reasons above I endorse one of my best friends in 1x: MdL.
Traduzione(Mirror translation):
Massimo è stato tra I primi Artisti a commentare la mia unica e solitaria foto pubblicata su 1x molti anni fa. Dal quel momento siamo stati in contatto quasi ogni giorno e siamo stati a fotografare assieme nella meravigliosa zona della Toscana dove vive. Massimo è un Autore fine ed educato. Ha modificato i suoi stili in questi ultimi anni per testare e seguire differenti percorsi. Tratta egualmente bene con il colore ed il BN senza perdere il contatto con il suo principale progetto: dare la parola e l’anima ai suoi lavori…Stupire gli osservatori. Per le ragioni sopra esposte appoggio uno dei miei migliori amici in 1x: MdL.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
From photography of Massimo shows I doubt that he is a true professional.
His portfolio shows his widely camera features etched into the shooting technique and composition, especially in landscapes, where the primal scene is loneliness, abandonment. Landscapes nuanced and intense atmosphere, with delicate colors and soft lighting.
Max shows great expertise in various fields with absolute photographic skill.
For me, Max has all the qualities to be called a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER.
Gerd Moors  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Massimo has a wide range of photographs in his portfolio. He's a photographer who's work you can't put in this box or that box.
Architectural images, landscapes, portraits, ... Massimo shows image by image he has an eye for it.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
L'occhio di Massimo è qualcosa di straordinario e ben si distingue tra la marea di fotografi. La sua capacità è quella di vedere dove altri non vedono e di trarre il massimo anche da situazioni poco interessanti e far diventare così le sue immagini veri e propri capolavori.