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Yaroslav Vasiliev-ApostolRussiaPRO274921pJoined 2013

I love to paint since my childhood. I am now 36 years old. I try to be a scientist in the field of Security of traffic but still not to lose the dream of being an artist. I still keep on painting (mostly graphics) and it seems that I have found myself in photography. I love to travel the world, take off on a digital camera and use a medium format camera. For the most part I show the image that I want to see myself, not focusing on the needs of the masses. I do scientific research because an artist (especially in Russia) is often equivalent to a beggar but I do not lose hope ...
Additionally, I got education as an art critic although I wanted to be an architect as a child. I began to consciously take pictures when I was 27 years old and continue to this day although I was presented with the first camera at age 14. I mostly focused on the genre pictures before, trying to catch the reality of life, but now I take pictures of mostly my own world.

I have had solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg (2013,2014) and Minsk (2012). Some of my series have been published in online journals (such as f-dot).

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