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Anja BuehrerCuratorGermanyCREW190898pJoined 2008
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Robert  Unlimited
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
How an artist can speak? How an artist can express him self? Through out pictures! Pictures as a window to the soul full of mood. Soul happens and soul lives. A dreamy reality with the sound of being sometimes foggy and disturbing sometimes full of love and emotion. Reduced to the own being it self but still laughing towards life. Thats what Anja`s pictures expresses to me. The audience should take the time to see the whole and the full artist work. I am glad to have Anja as a member here. Good luck to her and always good light!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
Today I want to support Anja.
She is a photographer with a very large recognition. Your images all have a very special character, ensure that here at 1X always cause a stir.
Even human Anja is a gladly seen a user of 1X.
I hope that you will stay with us for a long time and surprised us in the future with your great pictures.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
I want to endorse Anja for her skills in mood photography, she has developed a unique style of her own, readily recognized.

Refreshing seeing a dedication to a single purpose and continuously pursuing its improvement. Seeing a gallery with complementing images is not usual and its a visual treat observing/enjoying her work. You are a talent !! Congratulations.
Best Wishes
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Ani works as a page from a fairy tale for grown-up children. We ghouls on this page and come up with their own stories, without fear that someone will hear us or see and make fun of us. Magic in fotorafiyah flows from one to another. Do you recognize the characters pregoing frames and invent them a new fairy tale. Thank you for returning to my childhood! Good luck!
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Anja, I love your gallery! Your photos are something special, I really like the combination of yellow and black tones. You are a Photographer worthy of our attention. Best regards and good light. Samir (@follow)
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
I want to support Anja because she's a great artist. The set of his works creates a world of illusion and fantasy that grabs me as a spectator, with their silhouettes full of imagination is able to connect with my subconscious up moving into a surreal universe. She is capable of this and want to continue enjoying their wonderful work. Congratulations.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
Hiii ,,, Dear Friend Mrs Anja
I really love and inspired with work brother mrs. anja buehrer,
Work in show having the character of a very strongly with the presentation of an image very berkwalitas full of artistic value ...
I will always follow you for referense my photo and always wish i gain experience science howsoever
Best Regards Jay satriani
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
You have a very good sense.
Configuration of the screen is beautiful works of you.
There is a unique individual and very your work.
Effect technology of image you're good at.
There are certainly different from the work of other people.
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
When I saw your pictures (four years ago) for the first time, I was speechless.
I had never seen such a great and unique style before. It's just great, how you use the colors, the light, the shadows and the silhouettes to create your own photo world. I have seen many copies of your style, but no one has achieved it to some extent. You are and you will remain the original. Not many artists achieve an own and unique style like you. It's always a pleasure for me to work with you.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
What a gallery! full of style, stories and beauty. Very unique style that is easy to recognize of human and nature. I really like the mood and the excellent balance you gave to each photo - the post processing is excellent and it gives the final touch that makes each frame sublime!
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I endorse you because you gallery is fantastic. I couldn't choose one best photo...the are all terrific! Your style is unmistakable and the PP is rafined.
Few elements but effective. differents images to appreciate infinitely.
Best regards...Alessio
Endorsing for skills in Conceptual photography
Anja Buehrer's photos are a dream! Her images take the viewer in completely different worlds and her style is unmistakable! Every single picture is worth a glance! I think she is one of the best in this community.
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
A truly outstanding body of work which focuses mainly on silhouettes, reflections, blurriness and darkness. These traits result in a dreamlike, abstract, surreal quality. The images are consistently amazing and as such have to be endorsed without reservations.
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
deine bilder zeigen den raum zwischen traum und wirklichkeit, sie erzählen ihre eigene geschichte aus deiner ganz speziellen sichtweise. jedes bild ist ein kleines, aber wertvolles kunstwerk. gratulation zu soviel kreativität.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
I am stunned, how I missed all that incredible art, I went through your profile so many times, completely taken with the images, your ability to play with shadows, silhouettes, warm tones, colors is more than unique, it is fingerprint, I finished with great impression and overwhelming notions (these images from the golden era of art ) really thanks you