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Carmine ChiriacòCuratorItalyCREW822282pJoined 2016
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Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Beautiful photos you have exellent edited. Outstanding quality and exceptional talent. Wish you continued to have good light and brilliant motifs. Style has all the key features and is beautiful to look at. greetings Franziskus
Endorsing for skills in Creative edit photography
Carmine what can I say? what a creative artist, every image he made really inspires my, I do not know what is going behind the scene, but when I look at his images I feel, I listen, I smell, unique art mixing emotions with motions with photography, His images need meticulous psychoanalysis.

with no doubts he is one of the most distinctive artists in 1x community, absolutely deserving what he has got, and deserves more.

Seriously you started 2014, what a genius ....

Happy you there my friend
Endorsing for skills as a photographer
I first noticed, Carmine's work a few months back and I had to take a second look and then a third and then I really fell in love with his style. It is so original and I believe most of us can relate to it, one way or another. Now there are many works like, Carmines but he was the original and that is something to be proud of. Amazing work, Carmine!
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
Carmine is one of the most talented photographer that i personally know. I love his vision and how is able to represent it. His images are always interesting and able to capture the attention of the observer. Great work Carmine, all your success as a photographer is well deserved
Endorsing for skills in Abstract photography
I am a regular user of and have always been impressed by your extraordinary talent. You have an exceptional portfolio and I can not wait to see your future extraordinary works.
Endorsing for skills in Mood photography
Hello dear Carmine
On the first day I saw this site! You followed up on your great work! Your job surprised me a lot! She was an inspiration to me! A very high and distinct feeling, in addition to that creative modification and the mood is very special! I love your job so much!
I wish you all the best and continue this creativity