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Trevor ColeIrelandPRO229412pJoined 2013

Capturing inimitable moments today to reflect upon tomorrow. My own 'take' as a geographer photographer!

I was born in the City of Derry, but have lived most of my life outside the bounds of Ireland; in England, Singapore, Togo, Italy, Ethiopia and Brazil. I returned to Ireland (Donegal) in 2012. 

My photography, together with travel, have become two of my life’s passions. My photography focuses predominantly on culture and landscapes; images which reflect a spatial and temporal journey through life and which try to convey a need to live in a more sustainable world. I seek the moment and the light in whatever context I find myself and endeavour to use my photographic acumen to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

I lead small photo tours in my 'own Donegal’ and Ireland but also to other destinations. I lived in Ethiopia from 2006-2010 and since then have returned to take photographers to the Western and Eastern Omo, Harar, the Danakil desert and the highlands of Ethiopia. Additionally I take photo tours to Iceland, Namibia, Chad, South Sudan, Eritrea and India as well as travelling myself to discover and capture in new locations. 

I have been published by National Geographic (online), a number of British and European digital photography magazines and newspapers and the Survival International calendar in 2016. I won Wanderlust photographer of the year (professional portfolio category) in 2016 and have been a finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year 6 times achieving a special mention in 2017 and in 2019 a special mention and commended in the ‘Art of Travel’ and winner of the ‘People and Cultures’ portfolio.  I have also presented to the Royal Geographic Society, using images to convey an image of Ethiopia which contrasts with widely held perceptions. 
I aspire to have a vision for tomorrow - an Alternative Vision. I believe that photography can capture those inimitable moments and empower us the be the change we want to see in ourselves, our photography and our planet. 

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’. Henry David Thoreau